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Courtice Chiropractic Clinic

Physiotherapy Treatment in Courtice

“I am so glad I found V Care! It’s such a great location and I feel like they really care about helping me. The doctors are friendly, educated, and they make me feel comfortable every time I visit. Thanks! Will recommend.”


V Care Physiotherapy & Chiropractic, your Courtice Chiropractic Clinic

Welcome to V Care Physiotherapy & Chiropractic, in Courtice, that offers all modalities in one place.

We provide individualized care using the most research and evidence to support our treatments. We are your one stop for therapy in Courtice with products to facilitate and promote healing and symptom management. We invite you to browse our website and meet our staff. If you would like to book an appointment, please contact us and we’d be happy to help you!

Featured Chiropractic Services At Our Courtice Clinic

Our services are put into place to help you with the common conditions you are experiencing such as neck pain, lower back pain, injury from a car accident and so much more. It’s important to us that you know V Care is here to help our Courtice patients.


Chiropractic services in Courtice will alleviate back and neck pain. Our number one goal is to boost your wellness and improve your quality of life.


If you are suffering from migraines, headaches, injuries, or in need of recovery after surgery, our physiotherapy clinic in Courtice can help you!


Acupuncture in Courtice may be suggested by your V Care professional to utilize as part of your treatment plan that will speed up the healing of your affected area.


This is an amazing service to help with muscular tension, anxiety, and stress. This is widely used to help athletes and those who have been in accidents.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can help with anxiety and muscular tension among many other ailments. 

Spinal Decompression

This is designed to relieve compression and to get rid of back pain. It slowly changes the position of your spine which will take pressure off the affected spinal discs.

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V Care Physiotherapy & Chiropractic, Courtice's new clinic.

Our evidence-based care offers top of the line modalities that gets results. We truly do care about the wellbeing of our patients and you’ll see that in our service offerings.

Conditions We Treat

01 Neck & Back Pain

02 Migraine Headaches

03 Arthritis Joint Pain

04 Muscle Pain & Spasms

05 Sports Related Injuries

06 Chronic Pain / Nerve Pain

07 Foot Pain / Plantar Fasciitis

08 Postural / Chronic Office train