General Conditions Treated at VCARE

Explore a wide range of treatments for various physical conditions in Courtice and Peterborough, from arthritis to sports injuries, at VCARE’s multidisciplinary healthcare center.

Addressing a Wide Array of Physical Ailments and Discomforts

Other Conditions Treated at VCARE: Your One-Stop Solution for Comprehensive Care

At VCARE, we don’t just specialize in common physical conditions like back pain or neck pain. Our holistic approach, combining physiotherapy, chiropractor care, and massage therapy, also extends to a range of other conditions that may affect your well-being.

A Brief Look at Other Conditions We Treat

Reestablish Your Equilibrium

Break free from the cycle of vertigo and dizziness and regain a stable, balanced life. Schedule your VCARE appointment today to explore our range of vertigo treatment options.

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