Physiotherapy Treatment in Bowmanville, Ontario

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Welcome to our NEW Clinic!

VCARE Physiotherapy & Chiropractic in Bowmanville is a modern clinic using cutting-edge tools and technologies to provide optimal care for our patients.

Below is a list of services you can expect by visiting our chiropractic and physiotherapy clinic

Chiropractor in Bowmanville

Are you suffering from pain in your back, head, neck, or anywhere else on or in your body? It could be pain that’s only recently emerged; it could be lingering from months–or years–past.

Either way, VCARE is an expert chiropractor in Bowmanville with a team that specializes in getting to the root source of your pain. This way, when you see us, you aren’t receiving a band-aid solution that only masks the problem. Instead, we provide care focused on the big-picture that can help you conquer aches, pains, and your most damaging injuries once and for all.

Our team has a thorough understanding of musculoskeletal ailments caused by car accidents, sports injuries, or even from just sitting too much at your office desk. 

VCARE’s expert group of chiropractors will neutralize your pain and discomfort through the hands-on, manual manipulation of your spine and joints.

Better yet, we don’t treat our patients like a one-size-fits-all back-cracking factory. Your plan is entirely personalized to your needs, based on your lifestyle, physical capabilities, and medical history.

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Acupuncture in Newcastle, ON and Bowmanville, ON

Physiotherapy in Bowmanville

Part of a well-rounded injury treatment plan, VCARE’s physiotherapy in Bowmanville offers customized care and treatments to all patients.

From surgery rehab to sports injuries, chronic soreness, and back pain, our dynamic physiotherapists work to diagnose and heal your ailments. Through V Care’s dedicated, compassionate approach to physiotherapy, you’ll get back to doing what you do best. Whatever that might be.

Our physiotherapists also know what other types of treatments will best suit you. Whether they recommend chiropractics, massage therapy, or even acupuncture, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing it’s the ideal treatment for your specific needs.

The results? Your accelerated healing, relief from aches and pains, and a vastly improved sense of well-being.

Physiotherapy in Newcastle, ON and Bowmanville, ON

Massage Therapy in Bowmanville

Often used in conjunction with the other treatments that we provide, acupuncture is a great alternative procedure that is used to fix imbalances in your body. 

The registered massage therapists (RMTs) at V Care specialize at healing with their hands, using various manual massage techniques to kneed your knots and soothe your pains.

Massage–much like most of our treatments–focus on the mind-body connection.

Through the various approaches used by our RMTs (e.g., deep tissue, sports massage), you’ll feel both a physical and mental relief from what ails you. To that point, massage therapy relieves tension and stress caused by anxiety and depression on top of pain caused by bodily injuries. Massage also reduces headache symptoms, offsets fibromyalgia, and speeds up healing from sports injuries.

nt involves the insertion of very thin needles in various areas of your body. Depending on where the needle is inserted, a certain part of your body will feel relief.

The most common usage of acupuncture is for pain relief. We often see patients will notice a reduction in pain and increased functionality in the area being treated. Acupuncture has existed for thousands of years and is the perfect complement to our other treatments.

Massage Therapy in Newcastle, ON and Bowmanville, ON

Spinal Decompression in Bowmanville

Surgery should always be the very last resort. Especially when it comes to your spine.

V Care’s mechanical-assisted spinal decompression has provided enough relief for many of our patients to help stave off surgery. When electing this treatment, we’ll fit you for a custom harness on a machine that gradually decompresses your spine, relieving the pressure on your discs. 

This 45-minutes treatment has provided continual and resounding relief for all types of neck and spinal pain.

Physiotherapay in Newcastle, ON and Bowmanville, ON

Acupuncture in Bowmanville

This–typically–secondary treatment is used in tandem with a broader care plan for our patients. VCARE’s acupuncturists place very thin needles into various points of tension in your body, often providing much-needed relief.

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